Transport and Logistics since 1887

Already back in 1887 Johann Philipp Monnard in his capacity of grand-ducal Hessian court haulier laid the foundation for the now 125-year lasting success history of the Monnard Spedition GmbH. by taking over his first freight commission of delivering 30 bags of fine flour from Michelstadt to the ducal residence.

Up into the 1920s the transports using vehicles and the first lorries were mainly effected in the Darmstadt area around what were then the company’s headquarters. In 1926 Johann Monnard, son of the founder of the company, took over the management of the company.


Due to the increasing level of motorization and the constantly growing number of lorries the company soon had a staff of 25 and despite the difficult times after Word War II up to the 1960s it became a renowned national transport specialist.

In the meantime the third generation of the family was also solidly established in the management and enhanced further development. In the course of the first oil crisis (1973) and the second oil crisis (1979/1980) and the resulting imponderables for typical hauliers Monnard Spedition GmbH entered a different area of logistics in the 1980s and established the products sea freight and project logistics - we were one of the first specialists for container transports to the USA. Therefore these two products including their value added services have formed the core business since we moved our headquarters to the Hanseatic town of Bremen in 1985.

MONNARD Spedition GmbH today

Today Monnard Spedition GmbH is an internationally active forwarding company and organizes the transport of highquality and sensitive goods all over the world . Urgent air freight is handled on behalf of our customers under our own discretion in cooperation with our affiliate company at the airports of Hamburg, Münster, Frankfort, Dusseldorf and Munich. Here professionalism has become increasingly important - but still keeping to Monnard's old tradition of customer service always having top priority.

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